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The legacy of the Irish Novelist & Poet Christy Brown


Welcome to the Memorial Website of

Christy Brown

The world famous Irish Writer, Novelist and Poet who manages to this day to captivate and inspire countless people and never fails to leave his followers,new and old, mesmerised by his life story, best selling novels and poetry.

A story of unimaginable odds, resilience, strength and will-power.
And a story wrapped in shrouded mystery over his tragic and untimely death.

This is the largest accumulation of Christy Brown history, news items, links and relating information available anywhere on the Internet.

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Dear visitor,
The following Pages are an accumulation of the amazing legacy that Christy Brown left behind. You will find many useful links to sources and major pieces of work of and about Christy Brown. This Website will be constantly updated until I feel that it is a good representation of Christy Brown's life and work.

This Website has been put together to keep the legacy of the unique circumstances and the undisputed talent as an Artist, Poet and Writer of Christy Brown alive in peoples memory.

All aspects of Christy Brown's Memorial Website, are put together exclusively for the interested public and do not involve any commercial aspect or gain.