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Please find below the latest addition to our collection. A poster of Christy Brown announcing the launch of "Down All The Days" in the USA.

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Below is our ,most treasured addition to giving Christy Brown's life a more rounded outlook.

A View from the cottage balcony in 1976 which was kindly passed on to us by a former resident of Christy Brown's home in Parbrook.

Here is an outline of what I remember of the cottage.

It was long and narrow and away from the village, quite on its own halfway up a slight hill with open fields on both sides.

It was mostly white with a red iron roof. Inside, the bathroom was downstairs opposite the front door. The rest of the downstairs was just one long living room  rather like being in a bus or train and with bus-like stairs at the far end, also narrow and steep with a turn in the middle - stairs which would have been hard for a disabled person climb, so Mary was able to isolate herself.

The upstairs room gave out on to a partly glazed balcony over the front door extending for the full width of end of the cottage. The garden was also long and narrow as the photograph shows. An interesting feature was the town street lamp seen to the left.

The cottage was semi-detached to another dwelling which was simply a continuation of its "bus" structure with a front door at the far end. No-one lived in that other half full time while we were there. We left in 1976. I have no idea if there was anyone between us and Christy.

View from Christy Browns home in Parbruck

The Cover says it all!

Over 100 fiction films and documentaries are discussed in this new book of
Eelco Wijdicks Professor of Neurology.

One of the cases discussed is Christy Brown. The book will be available from the 14th November 2014.

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Neurocinema "When Film Meets Neurology"
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14th November 2014. When Film Meets Neurology. By Prof. Eelco Wijdicks.