Christy Brown Memorial Site

The legacy of the Irish Novelist & Poet Christy Brown


The story of Christy Brown has inspired two mayor Biographies so far.

The first Biography was written by
Anthony J.Jordan, with the title Christy Brown's Women.

Anthony J. Jordan

Anthony J. Jordan Quote: "I write Irish historical and literary biographies, from the 20th century. I am a graduate of NUIM, UCD and St. Patrick's Drumcondra. My autobiography is titled 'THE GOOD SAMARITANS - MEMOIR OF A BIOGRAPHER'."

Christy Brown's Women

This biography draws extensively on letters written by Christy Brown from the age of 14 to the year of his death in 1981.

Life's experience fought him to be shrewd, to be tough, to understand how to handle people for his own advantage. He was an erudite and philosophical man who endured a long apprenticeship.

This is a very rounded piece of work which has drawn insight into Christy's life from the letters and conversations with the Brown's family as well as giving an insight into the economical, political and social atmosphere of Ireland during this time.