Christy Brown Memorial Site

The legacy of the Irish Novelist & Poet Christy Brown


Here you will be able to view a shortened life documentary of the real `Christy Brown’

This is a rare opportunity to see some life footage of Christy Brown the person behind the award winning film “My left Foot”

Despite intensive research I was unable to locate any other documentaries or short films of this nature.

Please remember that the language used regarding disabled people was considerably different in those days.

Some word used in the documentary might be classed as offensive these days.

This film snippet is 1.5 minutes long

Please note that for copyright reasons we cannot show the entire 20 mins documentary.

If you wish to purchase the complete documentary please refer to:

Peter Dunn,
The Radharc Trust,
43, Mount Merrion Avenue,
Blackrock, Co.Dublin.
087  2520 158.   01 2755 909

Please be patient while the film is loading